The 1st Apple Watch Car App will be BMW’s iRemote

The app itself has been around for a while as we all know but the app being on the watch was seen again during the 03/09 Apple event.

From the web:

Earlier today, Apple has reintroduced to the public the Apple Watch. Going on sale on April 24, with pre-orders beginning April 10, the highly awaited gadget opens a new market for the Cupertino-based company, both in hardware and software. The Apple Watches range from $349 to the ultimate gold watch at around $15,000.

During the event today, Apple has placed an emphasis on the apps for the Apple Watch which aim to both improve our life quality and drive sales to the company. BMW was also briefly featured during the event with the BMW i Remote App. The popular app for the new BMW i3 and i8 is available today on the iPhone, but it will soon transition to the Apple Watch as the first

Just like the iPhone version, the i Remote watch app will give insight into the car charging status, as well as performing functions like pre-conditioning the car and battery, locking the doors, flashing the headlights, honking the horn, setting pre-defined departure times and finding nearby charging stations.

And for giggles, it even tracks your car on a map.

The BMW i Remote App for Apple Watch is free of charge and itis expected to be available soon in the App Store.

BMW Intelligent Headlight Technology: High Beam Assistant

First introduced on the new BMW 7 Series (July 2012) as part of the optional Adaptive LED Headlights, this functionality is now also supported with Xenon headlights on all new BMW 3 Series Saloon and Touring models specified with a Visibility package.BMW Adaptive Headlights are combined with BMW High-beam Assistant technology to provide an intelligent headlight system that optimises the illumination of the road ahead without glaring on-coming traffic and other road users. This ensures improved visibility and safety during night time and poor weather driving conditions.The glare-free High Beam Assistant from BMW ConnectedDrive regulates the main beam of the headlights for optimum illumination of the route and thus reduces the burden on the driver. When the system is activated, an image sensor on the inside of the front mirror monitors the lighting conditions and the traffic ahead at a distance of up to 400 metres. The assistant uses these sensor images to determine the strength of the high beam and varies it smoothly. Oncoming traffic is registered at a distance of some 1,000 metres. A mechanism in the headlight specifically covers points in the high beam and dynamically aligns it so that any risk of dazzling is ruled out.

High Beam Assistant in Action on F30 328i :